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what it sounds like to be far away

(working title)

is a new work which will begin development in 2023



Some early research and source materials:


        by Alycia Pirmohamed

She did not know the shape of

this country-         wide         darkjagged

bend in the river, rock elm withering,

everything withering

into unfamiliar, needled forest.

She was searching for the water and the water

was a heartache tongued by wild deer.

In northern Alberta, she was a line of crow

edging the unknown,

a woman caught between fennels of a dream

and long mouths of birch

Even the key of her body-

    jaggedlong      gentledark-

could not unlock this landscape.

Sometimes there is a fog thick enough

to hide the trees

and she imagined this country unwithers,

becomes a different land,

where her body is shaped like the river

and the river

                      is shaped like belonging.

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