and the wind

Fourteen years ago, I plucked a sprig of heather from a hillside in the Outer Hebrides. I still have the heather, but everything else is missing. Everything else is a fading memory.

Nostalgic, and joyful in its contemplation on how our memory preserves and alters experiences, and the wind celebrates the ways in which we are drawn back to specific moments in time and place, and what those moments mean to us.


With original sound score by Duncan Bowers, and costume by Morag Taylor.

Gwynne Bilski (photos Simon Scott)

photos by Simon Scott

This work is supported by:

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photos by Simon Scott

"Gwynne Bilski is gloriously long-limbed in her calm, self-choregraphed solo on nostalgia and memory, which is titled and the wind. Audible seagulls and linen clothing create a sense of holiday and the tranquil Outer Hebrides. Her attention is skyward as she spins tightly without leaving the ground and sets out pebbles on multicoloured ribbons. Graceful and refreshing, Bilski has room still to explore the reasons this moment haunts her."

                                                                                                                                                      -Dance Art Journal

photos by Simon Scott