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This Place We Share

Commisioned by Excalibur Performers Association as part of Excalibur Theatre Arts Company's 20th anniversary season, This Place We Share celebrates a sense of home created through individual and communal experiences of place, of dance, of movement, and of shared space.
Six performers at differing stages in their dance careers inhabit the stage together. They identify, remember, reconstruct, and explore memories... of home, of dance, of time spent with each other in the studio, of friendships found and formed over the hours, days, and years of classes and rehearsals. Individual experiences become shared knowledge, as a collective language of movement emerges.

Gwynne Bilski

Pearl Loerke Photography

This work is supported by:

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Pearl Loerke Photography

In-rehearsal shots

Spring 2018

Previews and Short Clips

Spring 2018

For further information please see the corresponding gallery exhibit, and the corresponding artist book.

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